A book report

I read.  A lot.  Most people don’t know this about me.  I don’t always pass along books and I often don’t pipe up my opinions on books unless I’m asked.  This is the… Continue reading


So, Ella has been napping (in her swing) for an hour.  I prioritized and worked on church stuff first, so hopefully she’ll snooze long enough for me to blog too.  We’ll see… This… Continue reading


I’ve been thinking a lot about “perfection” this week.  First, there is this entry on my sister-in-law’s blog.  I have been deep in prayer for her over this since she posted.  I have… Continue reading

What a great weekend…and it is only Saturday night!

Just had to post that I am having a fantastic weekend. First – I got to spend a lot of time yesterday with my friend, Bobbi Jo.  We have a good time when… Continue reading

Really, Really Bad at Blogging

So I’m the first to admit that I am AWFUL at blogging.  Despite wanting to blog weekly, I just can’t seem to make the time.  Oh, the time is there…I just end up… Continue reading

Already broken my resolution to post…

Oh well…such is life, eh? I planned on posting Friday, but with a sick little one I just didn’t get to it. Baby sickness stinks. Let me tell you! And we have been… Continue reading


Haiti holds a very, very special place in my heart. When I was 19 years old I desperately wanted to take a mission trip to visit friends who run a school in Ghana,… Continue reading

Wow…a lot has happened in FOUR MONTHS!

Hello Friends…Sorry I’ve been a bit absent for FOUR MONTHS!!! A lot has gone on since that last post in September. I’m taking inspiration from Kristen and I’m going to blog more. Let’s… Continue reading

I’ve moved!

Hey friends,If you’re looking for Cronin updates, please head on over to http://evieloucronin.blogspot.com and check out what we’ve been up to!

New Friends

So, today I ventured out of my shell to meet new people. If you’ve known me for a long time, this isn’t a surprise; however, in the last few years I’ve kept to… Continue reading