Living to the fullest or overfilling your life?

I was directed to a blog by a friend via facebook.  They are giving away a book called “Not So Fast” and to enter you have to leave a comment (done), post on… Continue reading

A Night Out and IN Without the Bean

It started with a simple question, “Hey mom, do you think you could babysit Friday night so Jeff and I can go out to dinner?”  I hadn’t even asked Jeff if we wanted a… Continue reading

Singing at a Funeral…

This morning on the way to Target the song I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me came on the radio.  Normally I immediately change the station, but today I put on my big… Continue reading

Will blog later…

but HAD to share this picture from Monday afternoon… taken at the water fountains at Stony Point Fashion Park where we will certainly be on a regular basis this summer!

Another "Today"

So, I was directed to Communal Global through a comment on Kelle Hampton’s blog.  It was about a contest for a picture of TODAY.  I posted the picture from yesterday’s post of Jackson on… Continue reading


Today we went to Maymont.  We went so we could meet my friend Amy’s sister, Penny.  Oh…what a beautiful person!  She is amazing and I can’t wait to hang out with her for… Continue reading

Easter Bunny

So I went to see the Easter Bunny today.  Yep, you read that right…I went to see the Easter Bunny. I thought I was taking Ella to see the Easter Bunny, but that… Continue reading

Easter is a-coming…

Easter is just days away. I’m more excited about the commercial side of Easter this year than I have been in years.  Not only do I have a little girl to dress up:… Continue reading

All about Ella

So, I’ve been letting Ella cry it out (CIO) for naps lately… Some people find this to be cruel.  I can see why.  I wasn’t sure if it was something I could/would do. … Continue reading

Old Bibles…

Being the daughter of a minister and raised in the church, I have quite a few Bibles.  I have lost the normal, brown, hard-cover NIV that I received when I was baptised at age… Continue reading