Okay, so I’m over my bellyaching and have wrapped up my pity party.  I’ve put on my big girl panties and I’m dealing with the world. TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!  I am… Continue reading

Another one about friends

Oh me, oh my…how time flies by.  Forget once a week…apparently I’m only good for about once a month.  Now that summer is winding down we’ll see if I can focus on blogging… Continue reading

And two months fly by…

I know…I know…  I resolved at the turn of the year to blog once a week.  I also admitted that I’m not a great blogger.  I want to be!  I really do!  But… Continue reading

Godly Inspiration

I’m starting this at 4:25 p.m. on Friday afternoon…Ella is bound to wake up any moment sucking me away from the opportunity to finish it.  But I’m going to start it anyway…and listen… Continue reading

Summer 2010

No, “SUMMER” has not actually started in Richmond, VA…but for us it is HERE! First of all, after WEEKS of hitting yard sale after yard sale, my mom convinced me to post on… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to ME (and Jeff)!

Four years ago today, I got up early and realized that my only white thong was in the dirty clothes.  It was my wedding day – I needed a white thong!  What was… Continue reading


Today I learned that Ella hates when I pack a cat up in their travel carrier to take them to the vet.  Though this picture is not from today…it is the exact face… Continue reading

Sam "Feyd-Rautha" Cronin

Sam “Feyd-Rautha” Cronin Born: approx the first week of April 2001 Died: Sunday, May 9, 2010 Sam was my favorite pet ever in my life…and I’ve had quite a few… I found Sam… Continue reading

National Day of Prayer

Since I posted yesterday about Maggie, I did not post my prayer in recognition of the National Day of Prayer that was yesterday.  I did put it on Facebook, but wanted to put… Continue reading

Maggie Maybell

I got Maggie around the end of March/beginning of April in 2000.  She was tiny and cute and called Checkers.  I adopted her through an organization called Angel Dogs.  They told me that… Continue reading