McCrickard vs. Cronin – I still choose Cronin

How many people are named Evelyn Cronin?According to that thing on my brother’s website – 29.How many people named Evelyn McCrickard?According to that thing on my brother’s website – 0.Oh well…I married the… Continue reading


So, My Little Warren is a Husband…What a strange thought for me.  He’ll wake up each morning and have Rachel there beside him.  They’ll have to decide if they’ll brush their teeth together… Continue reading

Mom of the year…I swear

So, I ran into the mother of the year this morning…seriously!I can’t stand the way young children act in public any longer – it makes me afraid to have my own kids.  If… Continue reading

Okay, I suck at updating

Way Too Much Going On 1. Losing My Job (for a day) – Tuesday, Aug 22 So, one of my co-workers took it upon herself to report to the VICE PRESIDENT of JSRCC… Continue reading


Music & Drama Is the Best!!! Well, I’m back from another year of Music & Drama Camp at Oak Hill.  It was a blast!!  My campers really rock!  We work them like dogs… Continue reading


Missing photos from wedding are now on the professional site! Thanks for all those who helped me figure things out that weren’t there. There are two uncategorized (crazy friends), my shirt getting cut… Continue reading


To See the Professional Pictures (471 photos): Go to: Then, click on “Event Guest”. Then, “Search for Recent Event”. Event Name: McCrickard “Find Event” Click on “McCrickard Cronin” Event Password: Evelyn  … Continue reading


Dave Matthews ROCKED! That man is beautiful and I love so see him dance as he plays.  This is not from our concert, but you’ll get the idea: Boyd was on fire and absolutely… Continue reading


You have got to see this! It is hysterical! Star Wars geeks and other fans alike!


Honeymoon Pictures are Up! I’ve changed photo sites and have added both the wedding weekend pictures and our honeymoon pictures! Enjoy! Just a warning – there are A LOT!!!!