I’m officially feeling older…

So, A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…I was in my freshman-level math course (yes, freshman level – that is its own story) taking a “team” quiz.  I hate team quizzes.  Just let me take… Continue reading

29 is Feeling GOOD!

Well, My Birthday was WONDERFUL!!!We left on Friday afternoon and went to Jay & Mo’s to meet up with them.  After dropping Ronnie off at the Richmond Airport, we hit the road –… Continue reading

They say it’s my birthday…

Happy Birthday to me!Happy Birthday to me!I can’t believe I’m one year away from 30!!!!Happy Birthday to me!!!It’s my birthday so I can post whatever I want, right?Hope all is well with everyone… Continue reading

You Tube Video You MUST See

You have to check this out:This is my favorite airplane landing I’ve ever taken.  Granted, this is not video we took ourselves, but we’ve experienced this just the same – maybe on a… Continue reading

I’m Officially a College Kid…

 It took until right before I graduate, butI officially have a MySpace page!http://www.myspace.com/elcroninCheck it out! In other news…My hair is long enough to cut & donate to Locks of Love.  I’ll be going through… Continue reading

I’m going to get better at this…

So, School Has Started…School at VCU started this week and I am really enjoying my classes so far.  It looks like I’m going to graduate in August – finally.  Hopefully I’ll be able… Continue reading

Sad Day For Our Nation

President Ford’s FuneralI love historical events.  A president’s funeral is no exception.  I sat and watched CNN for an hour straight on Saturday just watching the mourners pour past President Ford’s casket in… Continue reading

I’m Off! I’m Off!! I’m Off!!!

That’s Right Folks, My Christmas Vacation Has Begun!What to do?  What to do?Oh – I have a list…1. Make Curtains for Living Room2. Paint3. SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right – I can’t wait to start my… Continue reading

So I went to Cincinnati…

So I went to Cincinnati with Melissa for the Milford High School Annual Craft Show.  It was such a fun trip!  Well…after we actually started to drive TOWARD Cincinnati!! We left my house at… Continue reading

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!That is what I experienced today.We had a pulled fire drill about six weeks ago.  The construction company building the new Phillip Morris thing has a parking lot across the street that we… Continue reading