I Always Hated Being a Preacher’s Kid… (originally posted on MySpace)

I Always Hated Being a Preacher’s Kid… United members who may read this – read this in full before you judge.  And remember, this expresses only MY thoughts – not my dad’s and… Continue reading

Wow! Where has the summer gone?

So, where has the summer gone?  Last time I wrote was July?  A month ago?  Sorry…I do check myspace for messages and comments more often and even have a Facebook site, too.  Forgive… Continue reading

Summer is bliss…

Summer has been busy, but the beach rocks!So, summer started with classes – I’m not even couting that month as “summer” since I was so busy I felt like I didn’t know my husband. … Continue reading

Yes, I’m Still Alive

Still Kicking…Yep, I’m here.  I’ve just been horrible at blogging lately.  Why? Because I have been B-U-S-Y.Let’s see.  The last time I wrote it was May 8th.  Wow – it has been nearly… Continue reading

Semester is DONE!

EXAMS ARE DONE!So, I’m done for this semester.  Nine weekdays and two weekends off until Summer semester begins.  I’ll be taking two classes to wrap up my career at VCU.  I’ll be in… Continue reading

Exams in Swing

So, it is exam time again…just a few more of theseI’m ready for them so bring them on.  Well, maybe not so much Monday’s.I took one yesterday and I’m feeling pretty good about… Continue reading


Hokie SadnessThis week something most horrible happened.  Something that could have happened anywhere at anytime to anyone.  It was very sad that this occurred on a campus that I love to be on. … Continue reading

I have signed up for the last two classes…

Sweetness…So, I talked to my advisor today to confirm that I was signed up for the correct final two classes of my bachelors degree.  He asked me if I was walking and I said… Continue reading

Almost done!

GO VCU RAMS!So we made it pretty far, huh?  Just had to get that in.  I’m so proud of my team, though I haven’t been a supportive fan all season.  I did purchase… Continue reading

And My Birthday Keeps On Going…

Okay, So This Might Qualify As My Favorite Gift Not From My HusbandSeriously, I just got one of the best gifts ever – from my little brother & my new younger sister.One –… Continue reading