Really, Really Bad at Blogging

So I’m the first to admit that I am AWFUL at blogging.  Despite wanting to blog weekly, I just can’t seem to make the time.  Oh, the time is there…I just end up doing other things…like reading and posting on Richmond Mommies.
So what’s happened since the last time I posted?  This:
This happened!  SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW.  My sidewalk is still covered (since it never gets sun) and the same for my driveway which is now a solid sheet of ice.  If I thought taking a hairdryer out and melting it to the ground would do the trick, I think I would.  Except I’d get cold too fast and quit.  I can’t get warm.  I’m cold all the time and that hasn’t happened since I got pregnant.
Let’s see…what else?  Oh – I turned 32.  It was a very eventful day.  Jeff got up at 2:30 a.m. very, very sick.  All the plans for the day went out the window because I wasn’t going to leave him alone just yet.  He seemed to be better by lunch, but that all went south again around 5:00.  Originally, we were going out to dinner with his family, but that got moved around (and not yet rescheduled) because of his brothers’ schedules.  So, since my friend Amy had planned a girls night out that I thought I wasn’t going to go to (due to dinner with the fam), I called the girls and said I might be there.  Then, I quickly arranged for mom to keep Ella at her apartment while I went out.  Jeff wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but like the loving hubby he is – he let me go have some goodness on my actual birthday.  I met my girlfriends – Amy, Bridget, Katie (not Quinn), and Whitney – at The Cheesecake Factory in Short Pump.  Amy ordered a yummy app & bought she & I drinks (just one a piece); then I ate steak for dinner; and Whitney bought me cheesecake.  After being serenaded by the waiters, Bridget got this picture of me getting ready to blow out my candle:
The cheesecake was YUMMY, by the way.  It was a great night.  I picked up an asleep little girl (who woke up as soon as we went out in the rain) and then spent an hour getting her back to sleep once we were home.  Well worth it.
That Friday night, Jeff invited my parents over to dinner and came home with Hardees Fried Chicken and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  We had a small belated birthday party for me.  It was nice.  Jeff gave me a family membership to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens – which I was dying for.  I can’t wait to take Ella to play in the children’s garden this spring & summer.  Plus all the events – it will be great.
The weekend after my birthday we headed to Lynchburg to see Margaret, Nanny & Kenny.  Ella LOVES her Aunt Margaret and they had a lot of fun playing together.  The pic below is them looking at birds on the bird feeder:

We got home Valentine’s afternoon and I promptly got dressed and ready to head out with my mom to The Carpenter Center to see the Richmond Ballet (and Richmond Symphony) perform Romeo & Juliet.  I love the story – love the play, LOVE the Leo/Claire Danes movie – but wasn’t so sure how much I’d like it as a ballet with none of Shakespeare’s words.  I LOVED IT!

Jeff & I celebrated Valentine’s on Monday, the 15th.  It was a great night with dinner & small gifts.  I got him a book, Ella got him a stuffed version of that brown thing that chases kittens in some internet thing.  He got me a Starbucks gift card.  Now that rocks.

Well, my little one has blessed me with 30 minutes of time, but is now up and fussing in her crib.  I need to start dinner anyhow.  See ya sometime soon…just maybe longer than 7 days.

Already broken my resolution to post…

Oh well…such is life, eh? I planned on posting Friday, but with a sick little one I just didn’t get to it.

Baby sickness stinks. Let me tell you! And we have been extremely fortunate where this is concerned. We went Ella’s entire first year without a major illness for any of us. Granted, for the first two months of her life we had some tenuous moments with the feeding stuff. She’d gorge herself and throw up, but we all thought there was more to it. It took about 4 weeks to work it all out, but once we did we never looked back.

As soon as she turned one, she got strep throat. Then an ear infection…then another. We’re currently preventing #4. Thursday (1/21) we went to story time at the library and then to a playdate at our friend Whitney’s (Becca). All was well. We came home & I put Ella down for a nap. Twenty minutes later she was up screaming. She hates to nap in her crib during the day and always cries when she wakes up in it, but this was different. She was irate. I went to get her and she was burning up – a fever of 103. HUH??

So off to the doctor where we have every test known to man run to eliminate anything not viral. It’s viral. So home we go with instructions to alternate Tylenol & Motrin every 3 hours as long as her temp is over 100. Then Friday, we’re still hitting 103 at least once every 3-4 hours. So back to the pediatrician we go (their call) to be sure something worse hadn’t developed in the 24 hours since Thursday’s visit. The only difference? Her ears are starting to look gunky (not yet infected) and they don’t want to go into infection #4 so she gets a shot of a powerful antibiotic and we get a script for more oral antibiotic.

We’ve been fever free since Sunday morning and I’m thankful. I’m also thankful to a great mom & hubby who carried the brunt of Ella-care on Sunday. Both Jeff & I were scheduled for praise team and I didn’t want to expose the tiny baby in the nursery to anything so mom came to our house to care for Ella while Jeff & I went to church. Then Sunday afternoon was Christie’s bridal shower. The plan had been for Ella to go with me & mom, but after a diaper blowout during church time, Jeff decided to keep her home. Good call since he had another diaper blowout that afternoon.

Yesterday we only ventured out to the library (quick visit for me to pick up a hotly sought after book) and Target for needed essentials (like wipes). Other than that we were home in sweatpants.

Today, my mommy friends convinced me that being fever free for 48 hours meant it was okay for Ella to play so off to the playdate we went. It was a lot of fun and I really like my mommy friends. They are wonderful. Thursday we’re going to Maymont to see the animals before the weather predicted for the weekend.

Wouldn’t you know it – they are calling for a FOOT of snow and Jeff had bought me tickets to The Wedding Singer musical for Christmas. Oh…my present better not be ruined. I may cry. Oh well…

Oh – and Ella has a black eye! Our world is fun. You should join us.

Wow…a lot has happened in FOUR MONTHS!

Hello Friends…Sorry I’ve been a bit absent for FOUR MONTHS!!! A lot has gone on since that last post in September. I’m taking inspiration from Kristen and I’m going to blog more.

Let’s see…where to start…
How about a New Year’s Resolution? That I’ll post at least once a week. Feel free to email or text me if I haven’t posted and it is Friday. Maybe I’ll need the reminder.
Since that last post, Ella and I have been meeting up with Amy (Jackson) and Whitney (Becca) along with another mom, Bridget (Nate), at least once a week – except for Christmas/New Years. Including Nate, all the kids are within 6 weeks of each other so it makes for good conversation and it helps to have all that encouraging feed back. Ella can almost say “Jackson” now.
—insert 30 minute break for screaming toddler up from a 30 minute nap—
So, what was I talking about? Oh yes – our playgroup. We all met through Richmond Mommies (RM) and it is a great group! I highly recommend RM for all new moms who are the first mom in their group of friends or when you find that your friendships change after you have a kid. You’ll find a group of mommy-friends who understand all you’re going through.
Okay, moving on…A LOT has happened since September. If you aren’t on Facebook, join and friend me so that you can keep up with us and see what you’ve missed. I update their Monday-Friday and occasionally on the weekends.
First of all – Ella has a cousin!!! Jerry & Kristen welcomed J.J. (Jerry Alvin Stone, IV) on September 30. Ella likes to look at her baby cousin and I’m sure she’ll like him more once he can move about on his own. Hopefully she’ll be better at sharing by then, too.
Halloween was so different this year. We didn’t go anywhere because we like to give out candy to the few kids that are trick-or-treating age in our neighborhood. Ella was dressed up as Cinderella – a costume her Uncle Warren bought for her.
Less than a week after Halloween (11/06), Ella turned ONE! We had a big party for her at the church – there were so many people we couldn’t have it at our house. Mostly it was family, but we did invite a few friends including Alastair Amos & her new friend, Jackson. She had a great time at the party and was in a great mood the whole time. What more could a mom ask for?
Thanksgiving took us to Nags Head to spend a couple days with my mom’s family. And next came Christmas. Christmas this year was a lot of fun. First, we got our tree up and put ornaments on it. Ella loved looking at the tree (and still does since it hasn’t come down yet). She also enjoyed the present aspect a bit more this year. She still doesn’t understand the whole unwrapping thing, but had a lot of fun playing with her new stuff as it was revealed.
She also enjoyed the time with her Uncle Warren & Aunt Rachel!!!