Monthly Archive: October, 2008

Update from the doctor – 10/29/08

Okay, so no update on dilation, but confirmation of 50% effacement.  My blood pressure was still up so now I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday morning.  Ella’s heart rate is perfect, but… Continue reading

37 Weeks!

I’ll actually post words later, but wanted to go ahead and put the photo up.  So, come back and read the post later!

Ella’s Nursery is almost done!

Photos are up on my Photo Album Site! 


So, I am now 36 weeks: Here’s what is up with me:I am TIRED and officially ready to be unpregnant.  It took me longer than other moms-to-be to get to this point, but… Continue reading

35 weeks

So, here is my 35 week picture.  I took it last Friday night (10/10), but haven’t had time to actually blog yet.Since I will be 36 weeks preggers in just two days, I… Continue reading

Almost to 35 weeks!

Taken Sunday, Oct 5 at the State Fair: Ignore the not-so-pretty face…the sun was in my eyes.


If you look closely, you can see my belly (and Jerry’s reaction to it).  Gabe took this with his camera phone, so it isn’t the best quality, but it is a funny picture… Continue reading