Monthly Archive: September, 2008

33 Weeks! Too close! Too close!

So I am at the end of my 33rd week today.  (Skip down if you want the doctor update before the house update)  That means there are only seven weeks left until my… Continue reading

31 Weeks Down!!

So, right now on Sept 15, 2008 at 10:50 a.m., Ella is moving around in my uterus like she is trying to get out!  It is a little uncomfortable right now.  Not only… Continue reading

Shower Photos Are Up

 Go to  (there is a box with a link on the left of this blog)Open “Family & Friends”Open the Baby Album and you’ll find them. 

Photos coming soon!

Okay, so the weekend was insanely busy and the week hasn’t been much better.  All my free time at home has been tied up in writing “Thank You” cards.  I had about 75 to… Continue reading

30 Weeks Down – 10 To Go (SCARY!)

First – an apology.  I realize that I have not done a belly shot in a couple of weeks.  I’m sorry – it has just been so busy.  I meant to get a… Continue reading