Semester is DONE!


So, I’m done for this semester.  Nine weekdays and two weekends off until Summer semester begins.  I’ll be taking two classes to wrap up my career at VCU.  I’ll be in class from 12:00 – 6:00!  AHH!  Oh well, it will be worth it.

I’ve got an A in that freshman math course – of course, I would’ve been shot had I not left that one with an A.

I feel GREAT about my TEDU 562 – Reading to Learn in the Content Areas – exam.  I was excited to take that one, too.

The exam I was most afraid of was my TEDU 521 – Teaching Middle School Mathematics – exam.  Seriously, the two previous tests did me in and left me exhausted.  I studied and studied and studied and made note cards and studied some more.  I memorized lists using acronyms, memorized activities and sweat bullets in preparation.

It wasn’t too bad.  I felt really good walking out of the exam.  I felt very prepared once I saw the exam.  Now, that isn’t to say that I wasn’t completely off base in some of my answers (sometimes that happens), but I felt GOOD – it was amazing.

So, now I’m just waiting for my grades in 562 and 521.  Holding my breath…