Monthly Archive: January, 2007

You Tube Video You MUST See

You have to check this out:This is my favorite airplane landing I’ve ever taken.  Granted, this is not video we took ourselves, but we’ve experienced this just the same – maybe on a… Continue reading

I’m Officially a College Kid…

 It took until right before I graduate, butI officially have a MySpace page! it out! In other news…My hair is long enough to cut & donate to Locks of Love.  I’ll be going through… Continue reading

I’m going to get better at this…

So, School Has Started…School at VCU started this week and I am really enjoying my classes so far.  It looks like I’m going to graduate in August – finally.  Hopefully I’ll be able… Continue reading

Sad Day For Our Nation

President Ford’s FuneralI love historical events.  A president’s funeral is no exception.  I sat and watched CNN for an hour straight on Saturday just watching the mourners pour past President Ford’s casket in… Continue reading