Fire! Fire!

fire fire

Fire! Fire!

That is what I experienced today.

We had a pulled fire drill about six weeks ago.  The construction company building the new Phillip Morris thing has a parking lot across the street that we are supposed to be able to use in the case of a fire.  They wouldn’t let us in, so I figured that when it went off today – it was a practice one – to make sure that the parking lot thing was cleared up for the real deal.

Nope.  Four trucks and a fire chief later, they were putting ladders up.

I had my purse, but since we park in a deck – I wouldn’t be able to get to my car anyway.  I didn’t have my books for school, either.

What a day…

Luckily – it was nothing serious.  Of course, as I write this there is still a team of firefighers downstairs with our B&G and security staffs.